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On Our 20th Anniversary, Lake Street Advisors Has a Lot to Celebrate

Looking Back

In 2003, with just two partners, two employees, a strong work ethic, and a dream to provide independent financial advice to ultra-high net worth clients, Lake Street Advisors was formed.

Now, after two decades of helping our clients achieve their goals, the name Lake Street Advisors carries significant meaning. Our clients and industry partners recognize us for our professionalism and experience; they identify with and share the core values we live each day. Though our vision has evolved, we remain deliberate and thoughtful about growth and change. We are proud that our determination to continuously improve in order to meet our clients’ needs is as strong today as it was 20 years ago.

“I feel very fortunate to have started with the firm in 2003 as the first full-time professional employee, and to still be at the firm today as a Partner. It is humbling to be part of the firm’s growth and to see the services that we provide our clients expand, evolve, and improve over the last 20 years. I look forward to the next decade of opportunities and challenges, while remaining steadfast to our mission of being indispensable to the families that we serve.”

- Melissa Olszak, Partner

Achieved Milestones

2003 – Founded as Lake Street Advisors, LLC in Wolfeboro, NH
2005 – Office moved to Portsmouth, NH
2009 – Carolyn Decker becomes Partner
2011 – Boston office is opened
2014 – Surpassed $1B AUM
2017 – Buddy Webb & Melissa Olszak become Partners
2018 – Surpassed $2B AUM 
2020 – Joe Chase becomes Partner
2021 – Surpassed $3B AUM 
2022 – Move to two new offices in Portsmouth & Boston
2023 – Shawn Valliere becomes Partner

Today – 20 years since first opening our doors, we have a team of 45 professionals across our two offices in Portsmouth, NH and Boston, MA, 5 partners, serving 88 client families, and managing about $3B in assets.

“Starting at Lake Street in 2005, I have watched the firm grow from a 6-person team huddled together in a one-room office to a team of 45 professionals in two cities. Throughout my time at the firm, I have watched leadership create a true vision, motivating our entire team to strive for our core value of continuous improvement. I look back at my journey at Lake Street proudly; I am inspired to see how far we have come and how much we have accomplished.  I look forward to all that’s still to come for Lake Street!”

- Sean Perkins, Wealth Advisor

Propelled by Our People

Any organization is only as good as the people who work in it. Without the extraordinary dedication of our team members, Lake Street could not have grown to the company we are today. We thank our team for their commitment to our clients, core values, and culture as it has been an integral part of Lake Street’s success.

“Since joining Lake Street in 2017, I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of professionals while facilitating career opportunities and growth across the firm. We are committed to being a destination employer remaining true to our core values in attracting, developing, and retaining exceptional people!”  

- Bev Daly, Chief Talent Officer

Thank You to Our Industry Partners

To be in business for 20 years, we recognize the importance of establishing collaborative external partnerships that bring significant value to Lake Street and our clients. We thank our industry partners for their expertise, skills, and shared commitment in helping us serve our clients. You have played an essential role in helping both Lake Street and our clients continue to succeed.

“A large part of Lake Street’s success has been our ability to put the right relationships in place with other professionals that share our core values. Since I started at the firm 15 years ago, I have seen trusted partnerships grow and evolve to serve the needs of our clients. We have also had the privilege to establish new relationships with professionals who are at the top of their fields. We very much appreciate our trusted partners and look forward to finding ways to grow and improve together in the decades to come.”

- Buddy Webb, Partner

Thank You to Our Clients

To our clients who have trusted us throughout the years, we are honored to have your trust and will work diligently to continue to serve you. There is nothing more rewarding to our team than earning the trust of our clients through hard work, compassion, and the drive to help solve problems. We are grateful that our clients have been some of our best ambassadors over the years and we owe much of our success and growth to their feedback and collaboration. It is an immense privilege to work with you and we look forward to many more successful years together!

“We have always taken the responsibility we carry towards our clients very seriously. Not only do we have a fiduciary duty to uphold, but because of our 2-to-1 client-to-employee ratio, our teams really get to know our client families and care deeply about their goals and success. It is a privilege to be called upon to offer guidance and become an integral part of the team that our clients look to for advice. We are truly grateful to our clients for placing that trust in us.”

- Carolyn Decker, Partner

Continued Commitment

As we look ahead into Lake Street’s next 20 years, we are excited about our continued development. We foresee Lake Street continuing to grow, while adding new team members who are excited about our mission to be indispensable advisors to our client families.

Honoring our legacy and focusing on continuous improvement is what propels us into the future. Cheers to 20 years!

“Milestone anniversaries provide us with an opportunity to reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. From our humble beginnings two decades ago, Lake Street’s founders and early employees bootstrapped and grew steadily and surely, year after year.  As time marched on, we gained momentum. Word got out about our level of service and advice, attracting clients and talented additions to our team from across the country. Today, we serve nearly 90 families, from Alaska to Florida to Maine, and nearly everywhere in between. As we look ahead, I look forward to many more decades of continued growth and of being indispensable to wealthy families.”

- Joe Chase, Managing Partner


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