At Lake Street, we build customized multi-asset class portfolios designed to maximize post-tax, post-fee returns and support your short- and long-term goals.

Our focus is on maximizing post-fee, post-tax, risk-adjusted returns. All of our actions are guided by our fiduciary obligation to put your interests first. We are never paid commissions and never receive compensation for recommending investments. As your dedicated team, we are unwavering in our commitment to protect and preserve your family’s wealth.

Portfolio Construction

Each client at Lake Street has a truly customized portfolio designed to meet their objectives. Before implementing any strategy, we get to know our client and learn what is important to them. Every investment plan is informed by short- and long-term goals related to spending, wealth transfer/estate planning, and philanthropy.

We build diversified portfolios, typically spanning five major asset classes, with allocations based on data-driven, long-term return expectations. We integrate your risk preferences and strive to deliver consistent returns that support your goals. We consider time horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and personal preferences (such as those related to the environment, social responsibility, and governance), in order to build the right portfolio for you. Once implemented, portfolios are rebalanced continuously and with discipline, in order to stay aligned with the strategy.

Manager Selection Philosophy

We believe many segments of the investment world are efficient, and that chasing outperformance in these areas is a futile effort, often resulting in higher fees and an increased tax burden. For these asset classes, we use low-cost, tax-efficient index funds.

Other asset classes offer the opportunity for outperformance. We analyze levels of competition, dispersion of returns, and other factors to identify opportunities for active management. Within these markets, we work exclusively with active managers which we believe have an edge over the competition, which allows them to take advantage of inefficiencies. Our managers must also continuously improve their process, which results in an enduring competitive edge as markets become more efficient over time.

Our size allows us to access investment opportunities that smaller firms do not have the capacity to diligence, and that larger firms cannot participate in due to fund capacity constraints. These niche opportunities enhance the potential for stronger long-term portfolio performance.

Monitor, Review, and Adjust

Each day that an investment professional chooses not to make a change, they are endorsing the status quo. We monitor the markets and test ourselves on a regular basis to ensure we have conviction and confidence in the portfolio that exists today.

Lake Street’s investment team meets weekly to ensure that portfolios don’t fall victim to a common problem in this industry – inertia. Our process is consistent and our focus on continuous improvement allows us to be nimble and make adjustments. Your Lake Street team continuously monitors your portfolio, challenges assumptions, and seeks opportunities to increase return and mitigate risk.

The Integration of Planning and Investing

Lake Street is distinguished by the seamless integration of financial planning and investment management, enabling optimal results across all aspects of our clients’ financial lives. When these efforts are aligned and managed under one roof, efficiencies are realized and each component is coordinated in order to achieve a common set of goals.

Our investment team integrates every detail of your financial plan into a tailored portfolio strategy designed to meet your goals. Customization is the cornerstone of what we do – every client has unique preferences and goals, and we always manage to individual circumstances. Our focus is on long-term success – every decision connects back to the purpose for your wealth and the strategy we develop in partnership with you and your family.