As your financial architect and general contractor, Lake Street works to achieve a deep understanding of your family’s goals and concerns so we can be your advocate. 

Just as crafting a custom home requires meticulous planning and expertise, so does structuring your financial future; it's about tailoring every aspect to fit your unique circumstances. At Lake Street, we operate much like a top-tier general contractor, orchestrating a team of specialists to ensure every facet of your financial 'house' is expertly crafted. While some may attempt to manage their finances on their own, the risk of costly mistakes looms large. 

With Lake Street, you're not just getting a financial advisor – you're gaining a trusted ally, ensuring that your estate attorney, CPA, and insurance agent work seamlessly together, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness. Together, we anticipate challenges, seize opportunities, and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing seasoned professionals are dedicated to safeguarding your financial interests with creativity, foresight, and practicality.

Discover Our Full Range of Services

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer
We partner with your estate attorney, or recommend one if needed, to create a cohesive plan to protect and preserve your family’s wealth for generations to come.
Investment Management
We create individualized investment portfolios designed to support your lifestyle, grow with inflation, and meet your long-term goals. We focus on after-tax, after-fee performance.
Cash, Debt, Expense Management
We help you determine supportable spending levels, and proactively manage liquidity while minimizing administrative friction and taxes, ensuring the desired results for your unique situation. 
Family Legacy & Governance
We take a hands-on approach to working with the multiple generations involved in legacy planning. We care about the whole family picture and have the knowledge to customize an approach around a family’s goals and needs.
Insurance Consultation
We do not sell or take commissions on insurance; our job is to ensure you have the right coverages with a top quality carrier. We partner with insurance agents, review what coverage you have, and make recommendations for what you need.
Tax Planning
No planning strategy is effective without keen attention to tax implications. We partner with skilled tax advisors to ensure the proper planning and execution are implemented to achieve your goals.          
Bookkeeping & Bill Pay
We offer peace of mind by ensuring that bills don't accumulate while you're away, and we significantly reduce mail sent to your home. Additionally, we provide comprehensive summaries and detailed reports for your convenience.
Philanthropic Strategy
Creating a philanthropic legacy matters to you, and we know the most efficient ways to help you maximize the impact of your generosity.