Devin Vance

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Client Service Analyst

Devin Vance is a Client Service Analyst at Lake Street Advisors, serving as a primary point of contact with custodian banks on behalf of the firm’s clients. He handles a variety of client service activities, including asset movements, account openings & maintenance, and insurance policy management.

Devin graduated from Brigham Young University where he earned a degree in French. Prior to joining Lake Street in 2022, Devin worked as a Client Service Associate in the Pacific Northwest region, where he gained two years of client service experience.

Originally from Short Hills, New Jersey, Devin has lived in various locations including North Carolina, England, France, Belgium, Utah, Washington, and Connecticut. In his spare time, he enjoys spontaneous trips to the beach, cooking, volunteering at nearby animal shelters, reading, and hanging out with his Yorkshire Terrier Dabadoo.