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Protect Your Wealth with the Right Insurance Policies

Insurance is a critical part of wealth management.

We’re dedicated to providing a protection plan that adds more than just financial value. We review your needs for life, property and liability insurance so you can enjoy peace of mind that you and your family’s future is safe and secure with insurance policies that best fit your circumstances.

Collaborating with Your Insurance Agents

When you purchase a new asset, such as a home, watercraft, or piece of jewelry or artwork, it’s important for both your property and casualty insurance advisor and your wealth advisor to know. We help fill in any gaps that may occur so everything that happens in your life is covered and secure.

In addition, we also monitor and assess long-term needs and opportunities on a continual basis. Whether it’s needed for income replacement, estate liquidity, or wealth transfer strategies, life insurance can be a necessity and a valuable tool. Circumstances change, but who’s keeping tabs for you? We don’t sell insurance, and that means our recommendations truly represent the needs of your situation.

Making Sure Your Objectives are Met

We take a comprehensive look at your financial situation and make policy recommendations based on your needs and goals. We will walk you through an open and honest strategy, providing the personal consideration and attention you deserve for successful wealth protection planning.

Handling Your Policy Monitoring and Maintenance

Once you put a policy in place, our work isn’t done. We monitor policies, at least annually, to make sure the coverage is still appropriate and in-line with your evolving objectives. We continually work with agents and carriers on pricing to make sure your policies remain competitive and will recommend and implement changes with your insurance agents when appropriate.

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