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Securing Your Family’s Wealth and Legacy Over Generations

Family governance can be a difficult topic to address.

That’s why our team of experts employ impactful, open and honest conversations with families around future planning.

Through education on the many aspects of family governance, such as long-term wealth management and next-generation involvement, we help align all family members with a long-term plan for wealth preservation. We want you to enjoy sustained family unity and prosperity and see your children carry forward your family’s legacy.

Family Comes First

All wealthy families face unique challenges when it comes to educating their children or immediate relatives about the pros and cons of a large financial estate. Statistics show that almost 90% of families lose their wealth by the third generation, but we strive to buck that trend. From financial basics to explanations on complex estate plans, our teams work hard to educate and involve the next generation in growing and contributing to the family legacy. First and foremost, we are a resource for you–but that includes your heirs as well.

Collaboration with Your Estate Attorney

When it comes to estate planning, there are many decisions to make that impact your entire family. We believe in working closely with your estate attorney to ensure your decisions not only make sense for the long-term preservation of your legacy, but make sense for everyone involved.

Alignment of Expectations for Long-Term Success

Family governance can mean different things to different people. That’s why we involve each generation and implement a strategic plan and governance structure that works for all involved. With the right approach, your family could enjoy a prosperous financial future for generations.

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