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Focusing on Your Legacy with a Meaningful Strategy

It’s not just what you give–it’s how you give.

Whether it is to family, friends or charity, we will help you develop a plan that navigates both the legal and emotional landscape. Our goal is to ensure your plan meets your objectives for estate and charitable giving, and leaves you feeling comfortable with what and how you are able to give.

Collaboration with Your Estate Attorney

With any estate plan or charitable gift, there can be tax advantages and implications. We will work with your estate attorney to minimize the tax impact through efficient, properly-structured transfer strategies that make the most sense for you and your beneficiaries. We will make it simple for your estate attorney to see if your trust has been funded, what’s in your trust, and where all the assets are going. We do this while simultaneously taking into account tax and investment implications, ensuring we are meeting your long-term estate goals.

Aligning Your Estate Plan with Your Goals as Your Life Evolves

Even the most well-prepared estate plan may not hold up as your family continues to evolve. By being an advocate for you and involved in your financial world, we are able to identify and react to how life changes may impact your giving plan.

A Disciplined Review Approach

Maintaining an estate plan is as important as the estate plan itself. Life events and tax rule changes can impact even the best-laid estate plans. Periodic reviews of your estate plan, inclusive of your estate attorney, will help you interpret the tax laws and take advantage of available benefits to make the right decisions for your family.

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